5 top tips to make your email stand out

As a direct marketing agency, part of our strategy involves sending marketing emails. But how do we make your email stand out? The people we target in the communication service provider industry are busy, with full inboxes. After we’ve worked so hard to avoid spam filters, we want to make sure that our emails get opened and read. Here are our tried and tested top tips to make your email stand out!

1. Target the correct people

Make sure that your campaign is appropriate for the audience. This is the first important step to make your email stand out. You absolutely need to make sure that the product or solution could be potentially interesting for the people you are sending it to.

2. Understand your target’s digital habits

Work out when to send your email. This varies greatly, and you must find out what works in your industry or sector.

How do you do that? Test, test and test again! Send campaigns using split A/B testing – see when you get the highest engagement rates.

Analyse past campaigns – what time of the day worked best? What day of the week worked best? Try and understand why. You may have some surprises! We’ve often found that our best times do not coincide with the ‘best practice’ times. It’s all about understanding your own industry or niche market.

It’s so important to make yourself an expert in your field. In DEVEO we are experts in the CSP industry. Marketing to decision makers in the telco & broadcaster industries is our specialty and we know when they are likely to open their emails!

3. Give a great subject line

Keep it short, informative & above all true!

To get someone to read your email, you need them to open it. The subject line must be relevant to the person receiving it.

It should fit into their screen – and you need to remember that mobile devices rarely display over 43 characters, sometimes only 30, so less is definitely more.

Nothing will have people opting-out of your emails quicker than if the subject line isn’t relevant to the content of the email. Make sure that your subject line is truthful, accurate and reflects the content.

4. Keep it short

People don’t read emails for a long time – make every second count. On average a person spends around 10 seconds reading an email. You should keep it brief, easy to read and include a good call to action.

5. Use a responsive template

More than 40% of emails are read on a mobile. Your emails must be mobile responsive! A mobile responsive email will automatically adapt to the size of screen that it is displayed on, so your email will look great whatever the device.

In conclusion, you need to target the correct people, at the correct time with the correct message! If you need some assistance with any aspect of this don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can help you with your email marketing.

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