Building Connections: How we scheduled 800+ meetings at MWC24

Two months have passed since the innovative energy of MWC Barcelona 2024 filled the halls of Fira Gran Via. With final reports compiled and client feedback gathered, we’re ready to share a comprehensive look back at DEVEO’s role in shaping this transformative event for our clients.

MWC 2024 wasn’t simply a return to pre-pandemic normalcy; it was a springboard into a future where connectivity isn’t just a possibility, but a reality shaping every aspect of our lives. The exhibition halls pulsed with groundbreaking developments, showcasing the cutting-edge innovations that will define the future of our connected world.

However, at DEVEO, success extends beyond the excitement of the event itself. Our true measure lies in the connections we forge for our clients. Through planning and execution, we secured 800+ meetings for 50+ valued clients at MWC 2024. These targeted meetings provided a platform for fostering vital partnerships, exploring groundbreaking ideas, and propelling our clients forward in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Now, with the benefit of client feedback (100% satisfaction again this year) and a thorough analysis of the outcomes, we can confidently say that MWC 2024 was a resounding success for our clients and DEVEO.  The connections made and the momentum created will undoubtedly have a lasting impact.

Whether you were there or not, – we’re taking you on a tour of MWC Barcelona 2024!

DEVEO leads the charge at MWC24.

Maximizing your Telco Lead Generation was our mission and we delivered!

We secured over 800 high-value meetings with key Telco Executives for a total of  50+ clients. This impressive outcome wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated and experienced team.

More than just a booth: clients’ satisfaction guaranteed.

On our end, things were phenomenal. This wouldn’t be possible without our unrivalled advantage: We own the world’s largest database of qualified CSPs, boasting over 250,000 contacts. This isn’t just any database – it’s meticulously updated and enriched daily and manually by our dedicated team, ensuring we target the right people at the right time.

Let’s break down the reach: While MWC attracts over 100,000 visitors, only a fraction (less than 10%) are CSP executives, translating to roughly less than 10,000 attendees. Here’s where our strength lies: Because we have been scheduling meetings at MWC for almost 20 years, we know 70% of these CSP executives, a strategic advantage unavailable to anyone else except the GSMA. This valuable resource isn’t for sale/rent; instead, we leverage it strategically to craft customized campaigns that identify and qualify decision-makers within your target market.

This information is constantly updated – with roughly 80% of Telco executives returning to MWC each year, our database stays up-to-date and delivers consistent results.

The results? —Happy Clients

MWC 2024 may be over, but the connections and growth momentum continue. We’re thrilled to report that our clients are exceedingly satisfied with the results (objective exceeded for 100% campaigns again this year), and this remains our greatest satisfaction. From booked meetings to partnerships, we successfully facilitated countless connections, kindling the spark for propelling growth within the Telco industry.

Adding to the success, the no-show rate at MWC 2024 was remarkably low at around 5%, significantly better than many other events or even previous years.

In summary, this event was a success for everyone involved. Of course, we look forward to replicating this magic with you at upcoming events if you pre-arrange your meetingswith us.

“Our goal is to be an extension of your Sales team, driving real results through strategic connections and qualified leads.  The incredible success we achieved at MWC 2024 is a show of our dedication and the power of our data-driven approach. We’re thrilled to see our clients flourish, and we’ll be here to see these connections nurtured into long-lasting partnerships.” – Matthieu Merlio , Founder & Managing Director, Deveo The Telco & Media Lead Generation Expert

From DEVEO’s lens – key takeaways

MWC Barcelona 2024 roared back to life, exceeding expectations and marking a significant step towards pre-pandemic levels. The halls buzzed with excitement, showcasing a future where AI reigns supreme, seamlessly integrated with 5G networks and collaborative efforts across industries.  Human-centric AI, sustainable practices, and a focus on diversity were all key takeaways, painting a picture of a future brimming with intelligent, connected possibilities. The groundwork is laid, and the future is waiting to be built.

Here’s a rundown from DEVEO’s vantage point, illustrated by the impressive numbers:

Over 101,000 unique in-person attendees descended upon Barcelona from a staggering 205 countries and territories. This marks a remarkable 14.2% increase compared to 2023’s attendance figures. Out of this total, less than 10% are CSP Executives, therefore less than 10,000 visitors.

Industry Convergence: MWC 2024 wasn’t just about core mobile players. Over 59% of attendees hailed from industries adjacent to the mobile ecosystem so for the first time at MWC, Mobile professionals represent a minority of visitors.

A Show of Strength: With over 2,700 exhibitors, sponsors, and partners showcasing their innovations (including 950 at the 4YFN Hall only), MWC 2024 buzzed with activity. This marked an impressive increase from the over 2,400 exhibitors present in 2023, representing a 12.5% growth in exhibitor participation.

Thought Leadership Amplified: The event featured a record-breaking 1,100 speakers and thought leaders. It’s particularly noteworthy that over 40% of these speakers were women, showcasing a commitment to diversity and inclusion within the industry.

High-Caliber Audience: The quality of attendees was exceptional. Over 51% held director-level positions or higher, with an impressive 21% representing C-Suite executives. This focus on decision-makers underscores the event’s significance for shaping the future of mobile technology.

But MWC is over, what now?

Our work doesn’t stop here! Here at DEVEO, we understand that the true value of an event like MWC extends far beyond the closing bell.

Lasting success goes beyond securing meetings. The Telco industry is renowned for its extended sales cycles. While we may not witness an immediate ROI, the connections you forged at MWC have the potential to yield significant results down the line.

Our Testimonials Speak Volumes: We hear it all the time – a single fruitful meeting at MWC facilitated by DEVEO can blossom into a signed contract months, or even years, down the line.

Why Choose DEVEO for Maximizing your Trade Show ROI?

Indeed, trade shows and exhibitions are a powerful platform for forging new connections, accelerating business growth, and discovering new business opportunities in the Telco and Broadcast industries. However, the high cost of attending these events necessitates a strategic approach to ensure a strong return on investment (ROI). Here’s where DEVEO steps in, becoming your partner in maximizing the value of your trade show experience.

We understand the frustration of attending a trade show and simply “meeting people (clients, partners, prospects) you already know. Our expertise lies in connecting you with the right people (New prospects) –  highly qualified CSP decision-makers who are actively seeking new solutions, potentially your clients tomorrow.

We boast one of the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date databases of CSP Executives. This allows us to leverage a unique methodology to identify, contact, and qualify key decision-makers.

Whether you have an in-house sales team or are looking to outsource the entire Lead Generation process, DEVEO caters to your specific needs. We can spearhead the entire process – from identifying and qualifying leads to staging high-value meetings at trade shows. This frees up your sales team to focus on what they do best: nurturing these qualified leads and closing deals.

By partnering with DEVEO, you gain access to a valuable network, save time and resources, and ultimately, maximize your trade show ROI.

Want to be a part of our next success story? DEVEO’s powerful Demand Generation and expert Meeting Arrangement services can take your business to the next level. 📧 Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve similar results at future industry events.

DEVEO – exceeding expectations, one qualified lead at a time.

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