Buying B2B Contact Data Lists: is this ever a good idea?

If you want to reach new markets and your sales team is busy reaching out to existing customers and hot prospects then buying B2B contact data lists may be the solution to start generating leads.

As a marketing agency specialised in providing quality data, we’ve heard numerous horror stories about buying lists online from other sources. Typically you will be contacted by an agency promising a huge relevant list for your exact sector. When the list arrives, you find that it is full of junior profiles, old information or people not working in the sector that you are interested in. If you try sending a marketing email to the people on it, you discover that their details have been sold repeatedly and they are likely to report you as spam. Does this sound familiar?

If you wish to buy contact data, you need to exercise caution and make sure that the company you are buying data from is an expert.

So how do you choose a reputable marketing agency?

Go to the marketing agency’s website.

Look at the ‘About us’ section. Are they proud of their team? Can you see the people in the company? Do these people look ‘real’? Do they have a section for hiring new staff? All these things help to show the ‘real’ company. Any legitimate marketing agency will be proud of their team & their website will be a reflection of that.

Client testimonials.

Don’t take the word of the marketing agency that they provide the best data, ask to see client testimonials. Will they happily provide an introduction to other happy customers? Do they have case studies so that you can see how they helped other companies achieve their marketing goals?

Exact targets.

Were you provided with a blind list & the option to choose the exact profiles that you want to buy? Being offered 30,000 contacts sounds great but in reality you could be better off with 30 people who are an exact match for your needs.


You get what you pay for. Quality work comes from employing a high quality of staff who spend time finding out what you need and researching for your exact needs. If the price seems to good to be true, then it probably is! Low prices = low quality.

What quality assurances does the agency provide?

Will they offer to update or replace any wrong information? Whoever provides your contact data list should be confident that they are providing a high quality B2B list.

Personal recommendations.

Ask around other industry contacts – have they worked with an agency that they can recommend?

Physical presence especially at trade-shows and industry events.

Does the marketing agency send representatives to all major trade-shows? They will be happy to meet with you and discuss any concerns that you may have in person.

If you decide on buying B2B contact data lists from a marketing agency we urge you to read our advice above and only choose a reputable agency who can tick all the boxes! If you want to know more about DEVEO, please get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to speak to you to see if we can help with your needs.

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