COVID-19 crisis: fight and survive or stand-by and potentially disappear!

No organisation, just as no person, can escape this upheaval and many companies will unfortunately not pull through. But it’s also a great opportunity to quickly adapt to the new reality and create value with more digital and distance-based business behaviours. Let’s learn to change the way we work as that’s the only way to prepare for tomorrow.

Matthieu Merlio
Founder & Managing Director

Database of worldwide CSPs + Email + Telemarketing = our winning formula!

Softening the economic impact

During this COVID-19 crisis, we must not be idle at home whilst we wait for the situation to improve without continuing to develop your business. We want to make sure that all of your colleagues are able to keep their jobs. We’d like to help soften the economic impact of these exceptional times. For that reason, we are exploring every possibility to help our clients not only survive, but thrive during the next few months and longer:

Lead Generation to reach targets

So what can we do to help you? A traditional mixture of email and telemarketing is in practice the only formula that can help you to immediately approach, reach out to and qualify your potential Telco & Broadcasters’ targets with a very selective and customised strategy within a few weeks.

Get qualified leads before the summer

Get qualified leads and business opportunities in April or May! It is all about quality, it is all about real business opportunities that you can get within one month and exploit before the summer. It is also the best way to identify new qualified leads that 100% meet your requirements in terms of companies, type of CSPs and job titles/keywords.

Current situation and challenges:

Benefits of our proven method:

Deveo can help you get results quickly

Deveo is the industry’s leading Demand Generation expert focusing exclusively on worldwide Telcos & Broadcasters. We have 17 years of experience, a global presence all over the world to cover all CSPs and hundreds of references. Therefore, we are optimistic we can help you quickly get the results that may make a difference to your organization in the coming months.

Talk to us today! We want to help you still do business, and a lead generation campaign is a proven way to help.OVIDVIID

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