How to get more Telecom Leads

So you want more Telecom Leads?

Silly question really! What sales team doesn’t want leads handed to them? But all leads are not equal. Unless you are in an organisation large enough to employ an inside sales person or team, then it is unlikely that every lead is being thoroughly qualified. We believe in quality & qualifying leads is a key part of our telecom lead generation strategy.

Where do you currently get your telecom leads from?

Sales Team

Your sales team will be active in certain segments of the market, but we bet that there are gaps. Even a gap of 10% of the market means that you are potentially missing business from 10% of the market. And, dare we whisper it, it’s not very interesting for them to sit on the phone cold calling all day long to chase down new connections. Following ‘real’ prospects, or nurturing existing clients is a lot more interesting. We know and understand that cold calling is a wretched, but necessary part of the sales cycle. So, with that in mind, please ask yourself if your sales team really cover 100% of the market with their activities?

Website: white papers, contact form or document download

It goes without saying that your website is part of your marketing strategy. Is it just an introduction to your products & services or do you use it to attract new Telecom leads? Do you write white papers, gather leads who wish to download documents about your services or respond to queries from your ‘contact us’ form?

Yes, ‘leads’ will come from these places too. But how often do you really get a CTO or key decision maker as a lead from these types of activities? The conversion rate will be low and the chances are you could be connecting with curious individuals or even the competition! Whitepapers are definitely a nice way to market yourself and show off industry knowledge, but they don’t automatically translate to meetings with the right people who have a current need.


Do you send a team to tradeshows? Except during world pandemics, tradeshows and conferences are often a key, but costly part of your marketing strategy. We know your sales team are really well connected! They will know existing clients and will be happy to meet with them. But realistically, how many new customers do you get from tradeshows? You can’t control who will stop by your booth. Finding new Telecom or Media leads for face-to-face meetings is an area that is within our core expertise.


We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of webinars, especially since 2020. Do you know exactly who attends your webinars? In a similar vein to leads from your website, you may get many registrations, but are the people who are registering decision makers who have a current or future need? Again, the conversion rate for webinars is often low, however they do show that you are an expert in your field.

Digital Marketing: SEO, Advertising, LinkedIn

These are all great marketing methods, and undeniably give results. SEO is a slow burner – it takes time to put content out there & increase traffic to your website. Also, more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean a higher conversion rate, just that you are going to appear higher in the search engine’s results page.

Advertising can get results but can be costly, especially when it is spread over many channels. There’s still the problem of reaching the right person, at the right time.

LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to new people, but cold prospecting can be tough and time consuming, just like lead generation!

Why do our clients use DEVEO’s services?

Long experience in the Telcom lead generation market

In DEVEO, we operate in a niche market. We focus our attention exclusively on getting our clients Telecom Leads and Media Leads. Due to the fact that we have been operating successfully in these markets since 2005, we therefore have a very strong market expertise. We speak the same language as the telecom leads that we are contacting. In short, DEVEO is a long established, credible company with a proven track record.

Industry leading database – 250,000 Telcom & Media executives

We are very proud of our database, and with good reason! We have 250,000 contacts from the Telecom & Media industries in it. Our team works constantly keeping the database up to date so that we can ultimately provide high quality Telecom leads to our clients. We religiously follow industry news & know all the latest mergers, acquisitions & new players who come into the industry.

Should you outsource your marketing?

Sales say no!

Are your sales team sceptical that an external agency could add any value? Don’t worry, we hear this often when we have a new client who isn’t familiar with our methodology. It’s normal to have doubts – after all, if your great team can’t reach new contacts, how can an outsider?

Well, in short, we do the repetitive, boring part for you. We do the door knocking & ask the right questions to find out who has responsibility for the segment that you want to contact. We find out if there are any projects in the pipeline & if the company would genuinely have a need for your solutions.

Our approach leaves your sales team free to do what they do best, which is sell!

But, you want new, qualified leads!

With a telecom lead generation campaign you will be able to reach out to a whole pool of new contacts. Your sales team will get presented on an agreed date and time with a fully qualified telecom lead. We will only deliver the correct decision maker, who will already have read your marketing materials & have a real interest in your solutions.

Contact us to discuss your exact Telecom Leads needs

We would love to help your sales team get more leads with Telcos! Contact our sales department today to find our how we could achieve that together.

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