How to get new leads with no trade-shows?

This period is a great opportunity to quickly adapt to the new reality. Create value with more digital and distance-based business services: webinar promotion & virtual meetings with qualified leads.

Most organizations rely on trade-shows to send a signal to the market and get new leads (prospects). But unfortunately, we expect that all trade-shows will most likely be cancelled in 2020 (an updated list of cancelled or postponed events is available).

Therefore, how can you continue to identify new prospects with no MWC Barcelona, no Angacom no NAB Show, and maybe no IBC, AfricaCom, Broadcast Asia/CommunicAsia, or TMF Digital Transformation World?

For years, technology vendors have mostly relied on trade-shows and their website to get new leads. This was a good strategy but had 2 main issues:

  1. You can’t control who will stop by your booth or visit your website. In practice 80% of the incoming contacts don’t have a potential client profile. Therefore they add no business value.
  2. It’s quite a passive strategy as it allows you to only talk to a tiny fraction of the market. Only a minority of CSP Executives go to trade-shows or visit your website.

However, there are alternative and very efficient ways to directly talk to your market. This could be the right moment to try a new successful formula:

Webinars & Virtual Events:

Large technology vendors are familiar with webinars, but most start-ups and mid-size companies are not, or only organize them infrequently. We see an increasing number of technology vendors organizing their own “invite-only” webinars and are in-need of a marketing partner to promote it and register qualified participants from a specific audience. They are interested in quality leads only since they organize virtual events to get business opportunities to be exploited immediately.

Lead Generation & Telemarketing Programs:

Many Telecom & Media solution vendors are asking their sales teams to restart cold outreach during this special lock-down period and get leads by themselves. But in practice, they usually give up after a few weeks or explain they don’t have the right contacts or the bandwidth to do it.  

Good news!

The positive side is that we have a worldwide database of 250,000 CSP Executives and 15 years’ experience. With these crucial elements, Deveo can create dedicated programs that help Telecom & Media solution vendors:

Promote webinars to a quality audience of “invited-only” Executives (potential clients)

You take care of the webinar preparation (content & platform), we promote it by email, telephone & LinkedIn and register the most appropriate prospects you have selected from our worldwide database of Telcos & Broadcasters.

Arrange teleconferences & virtual meetings with qualified leads in less than one month

Thanks to targeted email campaigns followed by telemarketing support you can have leads in less than a month. We will reach out to and qualify key CSPs and Executives selected from our worldwide database of Telcos & Broadcasters.

If you’re deciding about the best strategy to prepare the day after, please contact us today.

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