IBC Visitor Lists for sale: fake or real?

Have you received emails offering the full visitor list for IBC or MWC Barcelona and wondering if this is a good investment?

In short, NO and here is why:

  • Tradeshow organisers (for example IBC but the same is valid with the GSMA for MWC) DO NOT SELL NOR RENT the list and therefore reject the value of all of these lists.
  • These lists usually come from a database broker managing tens of millions of email addresses across all industries and collected by software robots from the web. No segmentation, no clean-up, no data management, just data stolen from the web they do not understand or classify.
  • They do not have expertise in either the Broadcast or Telco’s industries and never attend any show from this industry, so they are ignorant about who is doing what, what you may need and in case, they do not really care since they try to sell the same data to everybody.

How to spot these type of offers:

  • You can always verify with the event organiser directly (IBC or the GSMA for MWC) who will disregard the legitimacy of these companies.
  • If you try find the website of the email address domain you receive the email from, it does not exist.
  • If you were to respond positively to the email only then would you be connected to a person from another company hiding behind the first one (isn’t it what spammers do?).

Buying IBC visitor lists (or MWC lists) are generally sold at quite a price (a couple of thousand euros) and to get data with no value or benefit, even 1 US dollar/Euro is too expensive (not counting the time you’re wasting)! Therefore, why not talk with Deveo, we know your business better than anybody and it’s based on facts and 15 years of experience specialising in your market only. We are professionals who are attending all the biggest Telco & Broadcast events every year.

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