Invest in new 5G deployment projects

The global wireless network is undergoing a major capital improvement with many countries undertaking new 5G deployment projects already.

The initial costs of these 5G infrastructure improvements are potentially tremendous, and to justify and recover those costs, Telcos will need to offer new classes of service to new customer segments. Clients must believe 5G wireless is capable of accomplishing feats that were impossible for 4G and this will only be demonstrated through New Use Cases such as Driverless automobiles, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), IoT, etc.

If your solutions are related to, or impacted by this new Network technology, that means in practice there are probably many business opportunities and therefore significant contracts in the short-term for your organization.  So, how can you be sure you’re monitoring all new 5G deployment projects in the world and don’t miss any?

As a Lead Generation expert focusing exclusively on worldwide Telcos, we have listed Mobile Network Operators that have either started to deploy 5G networks, or will do it in the very short-term, and we would be very happy to share this list with you.

With our expertise, we could help you to prepare for the full 5G roll-out and promote your solutions for those Telcos that are developing 5G networks by:

Deveo tracks the market and we have the number of Mobile Operators that are currently deploying 5G:

However, even though there are more Telcos in Europe that have started to roll-out 5G capabilities, Asia are at the forefront with the number of subscribers that are currently utilising the 5G network.

Companies with the highest number of 5G subscribers

CompanyCountryNo. Of Subscribers (approx)
SK TelekomSouth Korea1 million
KTSouth Korea630,000
LG U-PlusSouth Korea540,000

Furthermore, be ready for the future, as we show the number of Telcos per region looking at 5G technologies in the coming years:

5G deployment started recently and will accelerate soon. Therefore, now is a unique opportunity to boost your revenues, develop new solutions or you run the risk of letting other technology vendors grab your market share. To make sure you’re contacting the right Mobile Operators deploying 5G now or soon, contact us to receive the latest list updated every quarter.

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