Top 10 Lead Generation Tips & Tricks

Having a good Lead Generation strategy is key to successful business growth. And it’s even more challenging if, just like us, you value quality more than quantity. Over the years we have tried and tested many different methods and strategies, and we would like to share our Top 10 Lead Generation Tips & Tricks…

1. Target the correct people

This seems obvious, but you should make sure you are reaching out to the most appropriate decision makers for your company/solution. We all have dream clients, but make sure you are being realistic with your targeting. Many clients want to speak to the CTO’s, and of course that is great, but realistically the true influencers and experts in the company are the middle management.

2. Right content, right time, right way

Consider who you are reaching, are there regional or cultural differences that could affect your strategy? For example, if you are sending direct emails, think of a catchy subject line, and check the time zone differences so that it does not get lost with junk emails overnight. Also, not all countries feel comfortable in English, have you considered sending emails in Spanish and French, for example?

3. Be direct & clear

Don’t use jargon language or lengthy emails. No one has time to waste, so you need to catch their attention in just a few seconds. Empty sentences, such as ‘the landscape is changing, with digital innovations accelerating…’ do not add value to your message and will quickly lose reader’s interest. Go straight to the point. Ideally in one sentence you should explain who you are, what you offer, and what’s the CTA (call-to-action).

4. Be personable

Whether it is on the phone, emailing or in person, make sure you are friendly and human. Write an email as if you were talking to them face-to-face. Smile on the phone, it will come through in your voice. Understand the market and companies you are targeting; this professionalism will show in your outreach.

5. Follow up

Have a clear follow-up process for leads who visit your website, or open your emails etc. Do not be too eager and pushy, but do not let the potential lead go cold.

6. Have a clear and easy-to-navigate website

Your content and navigation interface needs to look good/logical and it should be easy to find information on your company and solutions. Also be careful to not include too many fields for visitors to fill in to sign up to newsletters, download case studies etc. (maximum 5 in our opinion).

7. Know the market

Research the market and potential customers: what do they actually need? Use this to tailor your marketing message. In some cases, we see clients including a lot of technical jargon and details into their marketing materials and leave out key benefits of how the product will truly help thierr target customers.  Ensure your Sales & Marketing team are aligned in their message too.

8. Combine strategies

One method alone will not be effective, but combining emailing, telemarketing, LinkedIn marketing is key to successful lead generation. In some regions, even SMS and WhatsApp is the preferred method of contact.

9. Maximise opportunities

Make sure before, during and after an event (tradeshow, webinar etc.) you are employing the right strategies so that the right people are attending, you are talking to decision makers and they receive all the information pre- and post- the event. We see many vendors happy with hundreds of webinar registations, whereas generally less than 5% of these will be prospective customers. We value quality more than quantity, do you too?

10. Consider outsourcing your Lead Generation to specialists

Your Sales teams are busy with existing clients, and they will always have an excuse to not cold call. Marketing experts are not available/motivated to do it and hiring a trainee for this task will never generate quality results. Outsourcing to lead generation specialists within your industry can bring a greater ROI than trying to organise internally. In particular if they have CxO contact details you don’t have, and a capacity to reach worldwide with the most common languages spoken, plus a very good knowledge of Telcos & Broadcasters.

We hope you have found out Top 10 Lead Generation Tips & Tricks useful. If you would like to discuss your lead generation strategy in more detail, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We would love to see if we could help boost your business growth through Lead Generation.

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