What does a successful webinar promotion look like?

With the recent cancellation of NAB confirming that tradeshows may still take some time to return to normal, digital events are one of the only options available to talk to the market. Having a successful webinar promotion is key to making it worthwhile and attract attention.

The attendees

The first step is to invite your existing and prospective clients, those that you have already had some level of contact with. It’s extremely important to update them on your latest product features/strategy regularly, but this is also a great opportunity to meet new faces and penetrate new accounts. Media platforms could register hundreds of participants to attend but unfortunately, they are expensive and you cannot select your audience. Meaning you will have plenty of vendors, competitors, “consultants”, students etc. attending. Plus you may not always have visibility of this list, even after the event.

What Deveo offers, which is quite unique in the world, is the capacity to target your exact list of prospects and real decision makers, where you choose the countries, companies, and job titles. We can run a few dedicated email blasts to these prospective clients with the objective to register 10, 15 or 20 additional, new key decision makers, as opposed to hundreds that are of no use to you and your business.

The registration page

It is an important part of your digital event. Just as first impressions count in person, this is the first impression prospective attendees will make of the event and sometimes even your company. It should look “appealing”, straighfoward, but more importantly, be informative. Include a short and concise agenda, with details of the speakers and the timings (not forgetting the time zone!). More importantly, there should be no more than 5 fields to complete in order to register.

The webinar itself

This is not the time or place to use this platform to promote your own product. Be informative rather than commercial. Ideally it should be about 30 minutes long (otherwise participants may disconnect), with about 10-15 minutes for Q&A. Ensuring the quality of attendees over quantity should make for a concise and mutually beneficial forum to share information and meet new potential prospects.

Let’s talk

Deveo has a database of 250,000 decision makers exclusively within the Telco & Broadcast industry. We are leaders in Lead Generation, and therefore know how to target the right people, with the right type of message. We know that for registrations, emailing is the most successful webinar promotion technique, rather than cold calling or through LinkedIn.

If you would like to discuss your webinar strategy or see a customised sample list, chosen by you, or those we could invite to your webinar, please contact us today.

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