Which trade shows can Deveo provide you with support?

The start of the year always brings a time to look ahead at targets and objectives for the year. With this in mind, we have listed all the events where we believe you can expect to get face-to-face meetings, pre-arranged by a professional specialist from your industry.

Which events can Deveo provide support to you?

For any major show you will no doubt have plenty of meetings booked, with existing clients, partners and potential new prospects. However, with our help we can increase the number of meetings booked with new leads that you do not have in your database and will likely not drop by your booth. Meeting new potential leads is a key aspect at these events’ ROI to ensure that the costs and budget allocated to such shows is beneficial with the potential for new business.

We have a continuously updated database of over 250,000 contacts, including tracked attendees from all the trade shows listed above. We would be happy to send you a sample blindlist from the previous year’s show, so you can see the C-levels and Telcos and/or Broadcasters that you can expect when working with Deveo.

You can get in touch with us today and we would be happy to share with you our blind list of Telco/Broadcasters’ attendees from previous years and discuss the support we offer at any of these shows.

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