How LuxCarta boosted its Lead Generation strategy using Deveo

About Luxcarta:

LuxCarta is the leading provider of Network Performance solutions in the world and focuses on the creation and delivery of geospatial products for the global Telco industry, simulation & training and other vertical markets. The company, which operates globally with 20 years of experience, had tried different scenarios to identify new qualified leads but none of them were delivering satisfactory results.

Client Objectives

Enhance the CRM by fully integrating the Network Performance market database, ensure a consistent supply of qualified leads globally year-round for the sales team, and maximize trade-show participation (like MWC Barcelona and AfricaCom) by boosting pre-scheduled meetings with new potential clients.
Client: Luxcarta
Provided Services:
Meeting Arrangement
Lead Generation
LinkedIn Engagement
Optimize CRM, sustain global lead flow, and amplify trade-show engagements.

Deveo is one of the most skilled, experienced and productive direct marketing agencies I have ever used worldwide. Not only they manage to identify every year some amazing business opportunities that we would probably have missed but also some of these ones converted into signed contracts. They always suggest new ways and solutions to help us continue to optimize our Lead Generation strategy to remain the market leader in the Geodata segment for the Telecom industry. Definitely an expert we wish to continue to rely on for the coming years.

Alberic Maumy, Managing Director of Luxcarta

The Solution

The Lead Generation strategic plan was based on the 3 major following steps:

1. Contact Data Audit and Enrichment
2. World wide Lead Generation campaigns
3. Optimization of appointments at trade-shows.

Although LuxCarta knew its Geodata market very well after 20 years of experience, the CEO wanted to accurately evaluate the quality of its database and aimed at mapping the worldwide market to have all Mobile Network Operators listed in its CRM.

This was achieved by Deveo through a Contact Data Audit that enabled LuxCarta to:

1. Understand the reliable or missing information from the CRM with clear figures, statistics and graphs: missing fields, missing filters to better segment data, missing or invalid information, duplicates, etc.

2. Set-up corrective actions to clean-up and update the existing data

3. Complete the existing database with new Carriers that were missing from the CRM + key appropriate decision makers that were missing for specific Accounts, thanks to Deveo’s own database of 180,000 CSP contacts.

After Deveo helped LuxCarta to update and complete their database, the next logical action was to start promoting their solutions to all Mobile Operators that were not yet officially clients or hot prospects. This was achieved through a series of one-month Lead Generation campaigns (based on contact data selection from Deveo’s database, emailing and telemarketing follow-up) that focused either on a specific region where sales activity had not been so strong or through a worldwide project. Having these campaigns implemented every 3 to 6 months is a basic exercise of business development strategy and still the most reliable, efficient and profitable way to explore the whole market and identify the most mature business opportunities of Telcos looking for solutions (could be an early interest or potential project).

Just like many Telecom Solution Vendors, LuxCarta was exhibiting at various trade-shows but discovered that most of them did not generate potential business in spite of significant investments. The first task managed with Deveo was to define the list of professional events where there was a possibility to increase the number of meetings and generate a positive ROI. As result of Deveo’s analysis, LuxCarta concentrated on a few major events in the world (number one being MWC Barcelona).

DEVEO prepared a detailed plan based on their highly successful and thoroughly-proven Meeting Arrangement methodology for trade shows, combined with the following Key Success Factors:

1. An expert knowledge of each event’s demographics due to our attendance at all major Telecom trade-shows in the world (MWC Barcelona, Shanghai and Americas, AfricaCom, AngaCom, CommunicAsia, Futurecom and many other regional events) every year for years. We are the only Marketing agency with that level of experience in the industry.

2. A genuine understanding of Telcos that have been visiting or not visiting major Telco events, thanks to our +14 years’ experience of focusing exclusively on this industry and the tens of thousands of Telco Executives we’re contacting every year to verify their presence at an event.

3. Our capacity to use our internal database (of 250,000 CSP executives in the world) but also to reactivate contacts that belong to the customer and had not been qualified in the last 12 months.

#Definition of a qualified lead
  • Confirmed he was an appropriate decision maker for the solution.
  • Expressed significant interest or referred to a potential project.
  • Requested further information. After reading the product literature, we confirmed that they still had a high level of interest/potential project.
  • Welcomed the opportunity to have a teleconference to obtain further technical & sales details of the solution.

The Outcome

Yearly verification of invalid profiles and update of bounced email addresses

Identification of new business opportunities in all regions of the world and scheduling of teleconferences with appropriate decision makers

Increase of meetings appointed at trade-shows


meetings booked every year at MWC Barcelona, the n°1 event in the industry
#Additional results
Final lead generation report & feedback

Deveo’s successful campaigns have helped to promote the client’s brand awareness amongst their key target accounts, reactivate their own prospect contacts and meet with new decision makers & Mobile Operators they didn’t have in their database. It also opened the door to several business opportunities every year (these leads are tracked through their CRM and LuxCarta can calculate the exact ROI thanks to all contracts signed so far that made the whole Lead Generation plan extremely profitable).